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Kassiopi - Corfu

Kassiopi is a village located in the Northeast region of Kerkyra (Corfu). Kassiopi's history is quite long and it dates back to Before Christ. There are two views concerning the inhabitants of Kassiopi. The first one is that the first inhabitants were from a village with the same name from across the mainland, who came to Kassiopi during the years 227-160 B.C. They came across because living conditions were made difficult by barbaric invasion. The other view is that the King of Epirus, with the intention of creating a strategic shelter decided to increase the population of Corfu and so he conquered in 281 B.C. with an organised transfer of inhabitants who were set up in Kassiopi.

Since then Kassiopi started to bloom and became an important hide-away and significant port. This is proved by the fact that it has been visited by many famous personalities, such us Neronas - the King of Rome who set up the baths of Kassiopi. Many authors, with admiration refer to the history of Kassiopi in the work. The fact that Kassiopi had its own workshop that made its own currency is more evidence of power. The first inhabitants of Kassiopi worshiped the Ancient Greek God - Cassio Dia and built a church in his honour, which was the most adorable church of its time.

The church, which is in Kassiopi today, is built upon the ruins of that church. Kassiopi was destroyed by the Venetians during the Roman Empire and completely deserted by the Turkish during the invasion of 1537. In 1604 priests from Epirus established themselves in Kassiopi so as to once again turn Kassiopi into a powerful state.

So Kassiopi has completed over 2200 years of existence and is one of the few cities of antiquity, which is inhabited and built upon in the same area.

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