Kassiopi - Corfu

Kassiopi is a village located in the Northeast region of Kerkyra (Corfu). Kassiopi's history is quite long and it dates back to Before Christ. There are two views concerning the inhabitants of Kassiopi. The first one is that the first inhabitants were from a village with the same name from across the mainland, who came to Kassiopi during the years 227-160 B.C. They came across because living conditions were made difficult by barbaric invasion. The other view is that the King of Epirus, with the intention of creating a strategic shelter decided to increase the population of Corfu and so he conquered in 281 B.C. with an organised transfer of inhabitants who were set up in Kassiopi.


Kassiopi is the largest village in the northeast of the island and is unique among Corfuʼs resorts ...

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